University of Zakho

Blended study

University Accounts

All lecturers and students of the University of Zakho have their special accounts. Through their accounts, they can access to online systems, e.g, (emails, Google Drive, Quality Assurance System, Staff portal, students portal, the absentee system, library system).
If you do not have a university email, or have forgotten your password, send an email to ( mentioning that you are a student or a lecturer with your full name in Kurdish and English, the name of the faculty and the department, and which stage if you are a student.

Moodle System

Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system, it’s developed on pedagogical principles, moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in universities and schools.
The University of Zakho uses Moodle system. All students and and lecturers have their own accounts, and the system has been used previously by the lecturers. All courses are registered in the system. Likewise, the lecturers can contact with students and add their course book to Moodle Calendar so that students have access to 

for students

If you are not registered in the course, you can request your department or lecturer to register you in the course.

for lecturers

  1. If your course is in the Moodle system but you are not registered in the course, you can contact your department to register you in the course.
  2. If your students are not registered in the course, you can add them by yourself.
  3. If your course is not in the Moodle system, you can send an email via your university email with your full name and your course.

Theoretical Lectures

All theory lectures for stages (second, third, and forth) will be completely online. The theory lecture for first stage will take place at the university.

Registration through Microsoft PowerPoint

The lecturers can record lectures and upload them to the Moodle system. If the size of the lecture is large, the lecturers can upload them on Google Drive.
The lecturers can record the lectures in advance then they can give more information and answer questions from students in the live broadcast (with the agreement of the lecturer and students).

Lectures Through Google Meet

The lecturers can use Google Meeting for recording and for live lectures if they want to have a meeting with their students ( with the agreement of the lecturer and students).

For mobiles, you can download this link:

In each lecture, a Homework would be given to students and students will send them back to the lecturers as an Assignment. This process has been made easier in Moodle system.

Practical Lectures

All practical lectures have to be given at the university with the present of the main lecturer and teacher assistants. 


The majority of marks (grades) go to homework and assignment as the University of Zakho implements the Bologna System. For questions that need live answers, the lecturers could make an exam on the Moodle system, focusing on the point that the questions should be based on critical thinking so that students answer with their own knowledge.
The mid-term and final exams will take place at the university.

ICT Center

A professional team is selected by the Statistics and ICT Center to give live lectures and tutorials for students and lecturers. If a lecturer needs an assistant, he/she needs to inform one member of the team in advance so that he/she can help him/her.